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If you have a business that targets italian customers, backlinks from italian websites will lead to an enormous advantage.

In 2018, inbound backlinks are still a major ranking factor, and if your website operates mainly in a foreign country, it can be hard for you to find websites in italy that are willing to host your guest posts,

Through guest posts on italian websites you will receive high quality links surrounded by content professionally written in italian language, and this is something that Google really loves .

Expanding your business to italy will expose your products or services to more than 60 million people, Many of them are potential customers!

Inbound links acquisition is one of the most important SEO techiniques in order to increase your position in search engine results.

If you want to improve your digital presence in Italy, translating your website to italian language is not enough.

Receiving high quality backlinks from relevant italian websites is a crucial step in order to improve your rankings.

Not only in terms of SEO, but also in terms of brand awareness.

It is a very strong trust sign to have italian websites talking about your business or product, you don't want potential customers to look up on Google and find nothing about you.

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