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Have a multilanguage website? Boost your website ranking with our multilingual Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Whilst we all know there are a huge number of websites focusing on targeted traffic, there are a variety of industry types that are looking to expand into other countries. We manage multiple multilingual sites across the globe allowing businesses to take advantage of growth using content and SEO in different languages.

Our team specialise in multilingual services that are essential in assisting websites to be successfully promoted within a global market. Getting results is key in today's economy and branching out into other countries can be successful when multilingual SEO is understood and used in a professional manner.

Using tested methods we incorporate SEO into as many languages as needed by carrying out necessary actions preceded by in-depth planning in order to provide clients with considerable benefits over the competition.
Undertaking specific strategies that are used to establish SEO in your chosen country, or countries, based on creating and optimising content so it reaches out to that country and its culture.

We translate and conduct SEO on your current content also, and we are specialized in the following languages:







SEO keywords can’t be simply translated

Let's see some interesting tips and advice on what to look for when your target business is to expand into other countries. 

Whether you are promoting a product or service already available in your home country, or you are launching new products based on demand elsewhere, there are a few essentials that should be considered when branching out.
From content creation, marketing campaigns, and target audience research, it all makes a difference between business expansion and decline.

Keyword Combinations

When you focus on creating keywords you will be aware that, say, English to Italian or Spanish to German isn’t simply changing each word. Keywords are singular and keyphrases will translate differently between languages. As an example translate the following from English to Portuguese:

Search > procurar

Engine > motor

Optimisation > otimização

search engine optimisation > otimização de mecanismo de pesquisa

This simple translation shows that keywords and phrases are entirely different.
A word on its own like ‘engine’ means exactly that, but put together in unison with other words results in an entirely different meaning.
So is very important to understand that SEO keywords can’t be simply translated.
There is a specific practice used as standard and should be comprehensive and well-targeted. So, although you can translate your current content into a different language, keywords should be properly researched in the language you are targeting.
Often, it makes business sense to write new content, or rewrite existing, then optimise that text.


Huge benefits can be gained from carrying out optimisation in a different language. This starts with keyword research, as mentioned, although this needs to be carried out to find relevant keywords and keyphrases that are actually being searched for within the target market.

So, representation should be made for keywords which are turned out when the existing ‘local’ content is translated and, in addition, new keywords need to be added that target specific search words and terms in the target language.

Search Engines

Once the search engine procedure has been efficiently carried out this means that your current site has been optimised and translated, and the newly researched keywords inserted into the text. Website copy should now be ready and focus on search engines will be incorporated to ensure that final content is ready to launch.

A successful search engine strategy will involve not just the most dominant search engine, Google, but also the leading internet search engines in the country or countries you are targeting.

In most of the countries that speak the languages that we cover - UK, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, US, Canada, Australia - the second most popular search engine is Bing, some use the 3rd favourite which is Yahoo! with the 4th often being DuckDuckGo.

As mentioned before, the existing site should be locally optimised and other versions of your site optimised with keywords, optimisation, and internet search engines in mind.

Choosing a Multilingual SEO Service

Whilst promises can be easily made, those providing web services of a specific nature usually only advertise their successful services as they are proud to do so.
A few things to look out for when selecting a service that you will rely on to alter your website, create additional versions, and help you to market it successfully, are below.

•Do they offer professional translation services from those literate and capable of speaking the language in your target country?

A typical automated translation on a local search engine is NOT acceptable. They should be able to offer not only website translations and copywriting, but proofreading, multilingual SEO, software localisation, and multilingual DTP (Desk Top Publishing) services.

•Can they provide a range of services based on the new language your website will be using?

If the firm you are reviewing are unable to offer services other than translation then they are not equipped with the tools and software to work with you long-term.

With this in mind, take into consideration a company that offers universal multilingual services. These may include but not be limited to:

•Translating visuals so they are appealing to the viewer
•Ensuring audio marketing languages are suitable to the listener
•Offline as well as online services (driving traffic to the website) 
•Creating marketing campaigns, emails, newsletters, press releases 
•Conducting on-page (website) services plus off-page solutions (blogs, articles, link-building)
•Engage Readers, Viewers and Listeners - Leave a Lasting Image

In summary, multilingual search engine optimisation services should be offered not just to translate what your business has already. High quality multi-language SEO providers will provide you with both online and offline strategies to push your business into markets within different countries so your website speaks volumes, globally.

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