Email Marketing

All-inclusive email marketing plans that work.

As an international brand, we know our clients need to market in order to reach out to a global market and our international outlook allows our clients to reach out and grow business.
Our team designs everything for your email campaigns; this includes creating persuasive content, web marketing solutions, incorporating graphics and optimizing your campaign so that everything is targeted to reach your specific audience.

We take care of everything from the initial setup to the final report.

We will import email contacts directly from your database, store them, and maximise the resulting data provided, in order to ensure that the emails sent out are relevant and the open rate is high.
Our professional team will review and analyse marketing campaigns so that they bring out the best results for your brand. Whether it’s email newsletters, updates, or promotional campaigns, we always ensure that the content is perfect and the ending result is seamless. 

What you should consider to generate an effective email marketing campaign

Template Creation: Think about customised templates that retain your company colours and fonts that are consistent with your brand. 

Planning and design: Try to opt in to full support when it comes to reviewing your email content and style, and sending to clients - the overall writing and creation should be carried out to a result-yielding level.

Result Analysis: Working to interpret results, the firm you choose to manage your email campaigns is an investment and a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For instance, when we work with clients we make sure we analyse email opening figures so that any future emails are properly targeted, and that the best communication levels are achieved.

Find a company to manage your email marketing campaigns so you don’t have to

You can take advantage of support when choosing a firm to help with your mail campaigns, and some will create and plan the emails on your behalf. It is sometimes beneficial and more budget friendly if you choose to send the emails independently although having a specialist company do this for you reduces potential mistakes and can get you great results.

There is a huge percentage of adults that opt-in to email updates and that is around 92% in the US alone. Where you can send personalised emails you can generate leads, build brand awareness and of course drive more website traffic.
Emails are genuinely a productive way of retaining existing customers and providing interest in your brand to potential clients.
With the provision of real-time reporting and tracking you can benefit from powerful email marketing campaigns that work - and most importantly, promote the growth of your business.

Why Choose us for your Email Marketing campaigns

Content Reviewing

In order to guarantee the quality of your emails, should you be writing them in-house, it can be beneficial to have them proof-read and the content and layout verified before communications are sent should you choose to forward emails independently.

Newsletter Support Systems

Finding a company who offers a newsletter creation and sending process can mean you benefit from a smooth and successful approach to reaching out to your clients using a reputable management platform.

Target Audience

Why not personalise emails and be assured that emails are sent to those relevant to your current campaign? Personalising e-newsletters is popular as readers generally don’t appreciate a ‘generic’ one-fits-all approach.

Newsletter Mail-outs

On a quarterly basis it helps to invest in support where you can. Getting help with creating and planning your business newsletters and getting full guidance on the type of content to use is a recommended method and gets it right from the start..

Multilingual Marketing

Are you looking to target other countries with your products or services? Try professional multilingual digital marketing services such as those offering a number of options. There are companies out there that cover many languages such as English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese who can help you to raise business awareness in countries that are not currently your prime target audience

New Sign-ups

Through effective and dynamic use of mailshots you should be able to take advantage of new customer sign-ups and expand the number of subscribers wanting updates from your business. This works great if you have the option of an app too, by making it easy to gain sign-ups at trade fairs and other business events

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