Email marketing campaigns in portuguese language

Email marketing has been used a lot in the last decades among companies and brands as it covers broad audience and has very low costs when engaging the potential customers on a d aily basis.compared with other marketing techniques.
As emails are sent and received a lot in day to day life, companies are utilizing it for marketing purposes, promoting their services/products or just sending out coupons and promotions to boost sales.
A business that wants to target the growing Portuguese/brazilian market through email marketing, will find it difficulty to engage with customers because of language and culture barrier.
Our team, highly skilled in marketing, especially in email marketing, can setup for you a successful email campaign with the objective of increasing sales or engagement among your portuguese/brazilian audience.
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Whether you need to send a weekly or monthly campaign, we can take care of both the design and the translation of your campaign to portuguese language.
We can also add segmentation to your full audience and target only the Portuguese spearkers and send them your newsletter in their native language.

Engage with your Portuguese speaking customers: 

Let us get in touch with your loyal customers in their native language, in this case portuguese. 

Subject lines: which subject lines are most attractive? Which words are creating more buzz?  Which color in the template will stand out more? Let us do the research..

Don't have contacts in the brazil/portugal area yet? Don't worry we have got your back, we can help you collect more localized leads through your website.

We are expert at lead generation among Portuguese speaking audiences. We will help you create an email database (which is absolutely important) and make your email marketing strategy much more productive.

Interested in our email marketing service targeting German users?

See details below and contact us to know more about our email marketing service in portuguese languahe.

Get in youch with your customers based in Brazil or Portugal through email marketing and generate more sales for your business.

We are also available to monitor and update your current campaign and setup email marketing automation drips, or simply translate your current email marketing campaign to portuguese language.

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