Email marketing campaigns in german language

Email marketing is a direct way to reach your potential customers in a low cost way.

It is proven to be the best way to tell your brand's story and what services you provide as 98% of US and UK internet users check email on a daily basis and use coupons received through email marketing.

If a business owner is looking forward to target international German audience he may face difficulties to setup an email campaign in german language.

Our team, highly experienced in email marketing and advertising can organize for you a successful email Campaign  

We have been for years a trusted partner of multiple international companies willing to target German audience through email marketing.
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Email copywriting in German language:

Our expert copywriters will expose your business to your targeted email list, through customized native copywriting service in german language.

Send newsletters to your German audience:

Whether you need to send a promotional campaign or an informal one we can both design and take care of the copywriting.
We can also help you collect more emails on your website.

Engage with you German speaking customers:

Keeping your german audience updated with the latest news from your brand can be a huge benefit for your business, not only increase number of sales but also increase the brand awareness in your targeted country, in this case Germany.

We are driven by communications, so we will investigate and report back to you what works the best and research the best email marketing options for your campaign, depending on your ultimate business goals.

Our experience in email marketing among international audiences can be an incredible benefit for multilanguage businesses, such as e-international ecommerce stores or service providers.

Don't have emails contacts from Germany yet? Don't worry, if your main objective is collecting more emails that you will eventually use for lead generation, we can help you increase the numbers of emails collected on your website/business page through our websites customization service.

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Get in youch with your customers based in Germany through email marketing and generate more sales for your business.

We are also available to monitor and update your current campaign and setup automation drips.

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Our email marketing managers are 100% native german speakers.

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